The Most Important Job Of A Teacher Essay

The Most Important Job Of A Teacher Essay

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Can you imagine not having school? Close your eyes and imagine that we didn’t have to go to school. Imagine we weren’t forced to go to school. Imagine not even having schools and teachers. Now that would be great Now imagine the whole earth dead with no one doing anything. No doctors, lawyers, firefighters, presidents, congress, veterinarian, accountants, directors, any job you could think of. The most important job would be a teacher. A teacher is a person that teaches or instructs. They are responsible to teach “Teachers teach students basic academic, social and other formative skills in public or private schools at the elementary level.” Here it’s stating that teachers teach basic academic, social and other skills in private or public elementary schools. “Teachers use varieties of tools, such as computers, to present information to students.” Here it’s stating that being a teachers need to learn how to use tools like, computers, projectors, phones, to be able to teach a student. “They teach basic subject such as math, reading, social studies, writing, and science.” Here it’s saying that a teacher needs to be able to teach all the basic subjects to students. I took ECE my freshman year and my teacher Ms. Rivera has inspired me to be a teacher. She has taught me the duties and responsibilities that they have.
A teacher has duties and responsibilities. “They have to maintain a website to communicate with parents about students assignments, upcoming events, and grades.” Here it’s stating that many teachers have websites where they keep all the homeworks and events that the students have. “Supervise children outside of the classroom--- for example. during lunch recess.” Teachers have an enormous responsibility. They have to be t...

... middle of paper ... have been working their for a quite a while, they become mentors to the new teachers that will be coming that following year. Many kindergarten and elementary school teachers generally work the traditional 10-month school year, with 2- month break during the summer. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers generally work during school hours when students are present. Many teachers have activities that can help a child learn. Teachers must have the ability to communicate, inspire trust and confidence, and motivate learners. Teachers get trained to talk to students with any problem they have. They need to be able to talk loud and talk in front of kids. Many students have trouble learning new subjects. There maybe students that have a hard time with math. So a teacher gets that student and sits with him/her alone to help him/her with anything he doesn’t understand.

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