Essay about The Most Important Factors For Filipino Americans

Essay about The Most Important Factors For Filipino Americans

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My research findings, and data analysis concluded that education is one of the most important factors for Filipino Americans. The Philippines is an extremely impoverished country that lacks the social and economic structure to support all of the educated, and English speaking workers. Therefore, an education is ones best ticket to new opportunity and success. In Filipino culture, parents will do their best in order earn their child an education, and it is deemed one of the greatest accomplishments as a parent (Herrera, page 16). Even in large families consisting of more than five, like in the instance of my interview subject Emily Smith’s who grew up in the Philippines and was one of nine siblings.
“My parents were very hardworking, they sent all of us to school even though all we ever wanted to do was play. They had very high expectations for getting good grades also. If I did poorly, I was punished and my parents would lecture me”.

She went on to say that in Filipino culture, every child is expected to attend school, do well and excel. The reasons for education being so high could be a variety of things. For social status within their own communities, as aforementioned the family unit is one that takes pride in itself therefore, a standard is set for those in Filipino American households to strive to be educated because it will eventually benefit everyone.
“Clearly education is attractive because an educated child can be called upon in times of acute economic need or when parents are old and in need of assistance. “ (Herrera, page 15).
For second immigrant children, the value on education is still very apparent as observed by patterns in their upbringing as summarized by my interviews. However, with the shift into the United...

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... the societies, and consequences of today’s societies so by doing research that better understands the views, and identity of Filipinos in the United States, we can gain a sense of the national climate and how well people are adapting. This research would be useful for sociologists, immigration workers, those in foreign affairs and even in general to better understand the lives of those around us. It is important to promote ethnic diversity, and understanding. As aforementioned, Filipino’s are a very undocumented group within the United States despite their large presence for hundreds of years. It is important to understand, or attempt to so we can better maintain relationships, and find ways to bridge ethnic and cultural gaps. In the very large sense, study demonstrates how important it is to be culturally aware of those around us, and how they identify amongst us.

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