The Most Important External Factor For Usf Athletics Essay

The Most Important External Factor For Usf Athletics Essay

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2.1. External Environment
The most important external factor for USF Athletics is External Factor #1 because it is part of a university located in a fantastic city. Because USF is located in San Francisco, it attracts students-athletes from around the world. Students who are comfortable with the school commit wholeheartedly because they want to live in San Francisco versus a college town. This city offers excellent music events, culinary experiences, and nightlife. It gives student athlete’s great access to companies for careers after they graduate. It is a city known around the world for culture and business, therefore a big attraction for prospective students and student athletes.
Part of USF Athletics’ opportunity of being embedded in an incredible city also poses a threat to the success of the Athletic Department. External Factor # 5 is how land in San Francisco is difficult and costly to obtain. This has prevented USF Athletics from expanding its facilities as much as it would in the past. Furthermore USF cannot offer on campus housing for many students after sophomore year, so they move off campus. We concluded that because students live off campus, it makes it more difficult to attend games than if they lived on campus. This then becomes a problem for USF Athletics because student attendance is low already.
2.2. Internal Environment
The two most important internal opportunities for USF Athletics are the advantage of being a small personal community and having a renowned tradition in athletics, which are Internal Factors #1 and #6. USF is a small university. Rather than seeing this as a disadvantage because they will never have the mass of students other schools have, it is an advantage. Students have the opportunity to...

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...Sidwell disclosed the West Coast Conference Institutional Survey Data, and we attached it to the end of our report. This document that compares the budgets of the schools in the conference based on salaries to coaches, school contribution, and overall budget. USF falls in the middle based on total revenue and costs. When discussing this document with Scott Sidwell, we deduced that the higher a school finished on the budget list the higher they placed in the Commissioner’s Cup standings. The two lists align well, proving that funding plays an integral role in results. However, USF receives one of the smallest contributions of its Athletic Department budget from the university in the conference. This means other schools in the conference tend to receive more help. This may be an area to focus on as USF Athletics tries to become a dominant presence in the conference.

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