The Most Important Educational Goals Essay

The Most Important Educational Goals Essay

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The most important educational goal that I expect to achieve within the next year is too participate in a research program that will allow me to expand my intellectual curiosity through an in depth analysis of scientific issues. I also plan to build my network and be more professionally diverse. Being that I am going into a professional field I would like to attend more conferences and eventually be able to participate in one so that I can interact with other like-minded individuals while strengthening my scientific knowledge and expanding my network. Within two years I hope to be well on my way to graduating. I also plan on being accepted into Howard University School of Medicine Md/PhD program so that I may combine the use of scientific research with clinical medicine.

The most important career goal that I expect to achieve within the next ten years is to be working at Eastside Medical in Snellville, Georgia in the women’s service department. This department services breast health, services in gynecology and maternal services. While working I plan to refine and sharpen my skills so I may develop, manage, and succeed in the care of my patients physically, emotionally, and socially. I do not want to be just a doctor, I want to be apart of my patients experience, both the good and the bad. I want to help and improve, learn and grow. After being able to service my community at Eastside Medical, I would like to receive my masters in business so that I can open my own practice. With my own practice I would like to provide affordable services to those in my community. I also want to be able to apply the research completed throughout my school years within my work so that I can help those women who have issues within their endocrine s...

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I also plan on preparing applications for graduate schools and medical schools. This will help me to achieve my goal because I could begin towards improving my brand which will help me be more marketable to schools.
Another action that I plan to take is to go on to get my masters in business after completion of my MD/PhD program so that I can eventually open my own practice.
Also, I plan on shadowing doctors so that I can learn and grow. From this experience I would be able to observe what my life could potentially be like and learn from them so my transition would be smooth.
Lastly, I plan to increase my faith. I am not the most religious person, however, someone needs someone to rely on when times get tough and slowly but surely religion has been increasing its important in my life. This will help me to get through the tough times and obstacles that are ahead.

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