Essay on The Most Important Decision: Saying Yes to Life

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What if society told people at this very moment whether they lived or died was not their choice, but the choice of one person. Everyone would hate that wouldn’t they? That happens all around us today. Around 137 abortions take place an hour. (10,586 1) This means around 3,288 abortions take place in just one day. (10,586 1) This comes out to around 1 abortion every 26 seconds. (10,586 1) That statistic means about to 1.2 million abortions took place worldwide in just this past year. (10,586 1)That was 1.2 million humans who didn't have a choice. People will state that a fetus isn't a child or human. The word 'fetus' translates from latin to 'young one' or 'young child'. (Little 1) Are people only called humans if they are wanted? Certainly women should have a choice if they are raped or if the pregnancy endangers their own life. But, only 1% out of all abortions are hard cases, (Little 1) which includes rape and endangerment to life. So why are the other 99% of women receiving abortions? Is it for selfish reasons? Overall, abortion is procedure that has happened all throughout history; it leads to not only physical repercussions, but also mental repercussions.
There are millions of people that support the anti-abortion movement. One of the most famous is a man named Randall Terry. Randall Terry is a born again Christian who has been arrested over fifty times. He was a founder of “Operation Rescue National” an anti-abortion group. His group attended abortion clinics and stood outside them. They would continue to blockade the clinics and say how unbiblical and morally wrong abortion is. Over 35,000 people were arrested at these blockades. (Terry 2) Randall Terry says “The goal is to drive child killing to the fro...

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