The Most Impact On My Life Essay

The Most Impact On My Life Essay

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“Do you know what your problem is? You can 't live with the idea that someone might leave” (Green 10). Goldsboro, North Carolina is a tight knit city with a population of 36, 306 people. It is a place where “everyone knows everyone,” so I grew up with the majority of my close friends. There came an exception to this, however, in 2010 – the year I met the person who, unbeknownst to me, would make the most impact in my life. At age 14, I did not yet grasp the concept that people do leave. At age 15, I realized that anyone can leave, but that wasn’t what mattered. What mattered was how you let them leave.
August 26, 2010 seemed like an ordinary day – but it wasn’t – it was the day I met Robbie Wood. I instantly thought he was an odd character, with his tattered tee and faded plaid shorts; despite this, there was a quality about Robbie that drew me in. He had an aura of confidence and pureness that was easily seen. Alone he sat in the farthest corner of the classroom, “the new kid”; unbothered that he knew no one, and appearing to have no intentions of changing that. But, in that moment, I realized that coming in to contact with someone these characteristics was no commonplace event. I then resolved to introduce myself to Robbie.
The following day I spoke to Robbie Wood for the first time; it was important for me to meet the person who had caused such a fascination. Half of the school day passed before I built up the amount of nerve needed to strike up a dialogue. Anxious and curious, I approached Robbie’s corner of the room a few minutes before it came time for us to switch classes. I used an unoriginal conversation starter; I asked what brought his family to Goldsboro. I have the military to thank for his arrival; he told me that ...

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... him before he got on a plane that flew him 4,680 miles away from me. I could feel my heart breaking throughout the entire day. Physically, I was in a classroom. Mentally, I was on a flight.
"You can love someone so much, he thought. But you can never love people as much as you can miss them" (Green 105). My experience with Robbie drew my 15 year old self into focus. It gave me a perspective about personal relations that I hadn’t yet realized – I couldn’t prevent Robbie moving to Hawaii, but I could’ve made the move easier on the both of us if I would’ve let him leave with our friendship on better terms. The entire situation could have been made better with a simple conversation. The moment I figured this out changed my mindset and the way I treated those close to me going forward – they could also leave at any time, but if they do, they won’t leave the way he left.

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