The Most Horrifying Thing I Have Witnessed

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The most horrifying thing I have witnessed in my life was when four of my friends were being ill-treated by four North Miami City police officers. I had watched the news many time before hand and saw how blacks were being treated. However, never did I thought about seeing it first-hand. After witnessing such act against my friends by those four police officers, it changed the way I see them now. The whole situation started after leaving NMB high school where Kevin the driver and I and Watson another passenger decided to race another. Inside the other car was Rockley the driver, Desman and nick. We were trying to see who would get to the AZ store first. And the car I was in ended up getting there first. So after we picked up the shoes that each of us had order we went to the parking lot. After seating in there for a while and talking Desman wanted revenge for not arriving there first. So he told Rockley the owner of the car to let him drive. Now, the race was back on track. He got out of the parking lot with a lot of speed trying to reach the end point of the race before us. However, ...
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