The Most Historical Moments Of Honduran History Essay

The Most Historical Moments Of Honduran History Essay

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October of 1998 marked one of the most historical moments of Honduran history, the occurrence of Hurricane Mitch. It has been one of the deadliest storms in Central America since two centuries before it. A total of approximately two million people were directly affected by the storm (Fuentes 2). This only accounted for the human toll. Due to the inconvenience of Honduras geography, the probability of natural storms and natural catastrophes were relatively high. And within days, the landscape of Honduras was reshaped by the massive storm. As much as 50 cubic inches of water poured (Fuentes 1) in the obvious disaster location in the coastal lowlands. The mountainous highlands contributed as much damage, aggravating the rainfall effects with several flash floods and mudslides. The president of the time, Carols Flores Facusse, claimed that the storm had set back and erased any economic and developmental progress made in the past fifty years; totaling to $5 billion worth of damage done to this third world region ( It was estimated that recovery would take around twenty years to completely recover from the storm (Holland 1348). Being an underdeveloped nation already dealing with poverty, there was no possible way for them to recover by themselves. Foreign aid was a necessity.
Knowing of the devastating disaster, aid from different sectors from all over the world began to pour into Honduras such as Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).This paper will focus on one NGO, World Vision International, specifically concentrated on its work of reducing vulnerability and poverty through disaster mitigation after the Hurricane Mitch in 1998. What really sets this organization from the rest ...

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...ttention to the disaster victims. They focus their work from the source of the problem, in the most affected cities in Honduras, unlike that of the work of some IGO, with its headquarters are in a completely different country than that of the one they are implementing new policies upon.
A specific sector of the World Vision, funded through the Central American Mitigation Initiative (CAMI), sought to integrate emergency response after the Hurricane Mitch, as well as provide Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) into the development of the nation (USAID 5). This was done through “the [focus] on the human beings as the core element in the organization, on community participation and in development planning” (UN ISDR 16). According to the United Nation’s International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Report from 2008, the project’s major goals after the 1998 hurricane were to:

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