Essay The Most Hated Man Of America

Essay The Most Hated Man Of America

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The Most Hated Man in America
Many would say Osama bin Mohammed bin Laden is the most hated man in America. The destruction and devastation he put upon this country was heartbreaking at the least. What many people do not know though, is why he did it. Why did he hate America so much? What could possible push anyone to cause such damage on a country?
Osama bin Laden was born into a very rich and religious Muslim family. Due to the large religion role in his family, you can tell he took it very seriously in later life. In his 1998 interview with the al-Jazeera Arab television channel, he speaks of God many times, explaining that He will help bin Laden attack against America in many ways. Such as when an interviewer asked bin Laden what he thought of the United States warning citizens in 1998 about possible attacks on the Gulf by al-Qaeda, bin Laden answered, “unfortunately I have no idea who undertook this blessed effort and we pray to God to help them, let them be successful and grant them the body bags of the infidel Americans and others,” which is a clear demonstration that bin Laden wanted God to take control of the situation at hand and help conquer Americans in anyway (al-Jazeera Arab, N.P.).
Often people believe Osama bin Laden’s hate towards America was triggered by Israel (Safian, N.P.). Those people happen to be wrong though. Alex Safian, PhD explains what really lead bin Laden into a hateful life:
“The Saudi decision to invite in U.S. troops to protect the Kingdom right after Saddam had invaded Kuwait. Bin Laden urged against what he saw as a deep sacrilege and betrayal – Saudi Arabia is the holy land of the Muslims, and non-Muslims are not even allowed to set foot in Mecca and Medina,” (Safian, N.P.).
Bin Laden did not ...

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...ey wherever and whenever they find it,” (Al Qaeda’s Second Fatwa, N.P.).
Bin Laden took his fatwa seriously. He wanted to seek out revenge for Americans.
It only took six short months after bin Laden’s second fatwa to launch the next big attack against America. On August 7, 1998 a United States embassy in Nairobi, Kenya and an embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania were both destroyed with truck bombs. The attack on these embassies killed a total of two hundred thirteen people and injured more than five thousand. Twelve Americans died (United States of America, 70). Throughout the years bin Laden and al Qaeda attacked several more times. Some were failed and some ended with American lives lost. On June 7, 1999 he was even put on FBI 's Ten Most Wanted fugitives list (CNN Wire Staff). Nothing could prepare the United States for what bin Laden had planned for the future.

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