The Most Famous Prisons And Can Be Visited By The Public Today Essay

The Most Famous Prisons And Can Be Visited By The Public Today Essay

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The Rock
It was one of the toughest prisons of it time. There was nothing to do but stare at walls. It was mind dwindling. Nicknamed “The Rock,” Alcatraz was a place prisoners didn’t want to go. From the discovery of the island to the closing of the prison, Alcatraz has had a lot of action over the years. With a great warden that kept the place in check, “The Rock” stayed under control, even though Alcatraz held some of the worst criminals of its time. Has anyone escaped? Well, there were those three guys that went missing, but keep reading to find out about that. Alcatraz is one of the most famous prisons and can be visited by the public today.
Alcatraz has a history that includes the military, a National Park, and a famous prison. Juan Manuel de Ayala, who was a spanish explorer who discovered San Francisco Bay in 1775. He named one of the islands (which is now Alcatraz) La Isla de los Alcatraces (Stock). La Isla de los Alcatraces translates to “Island of the Pelicans” because of the swarm of birds that inhabited the island (Mahaney). Later the island became simply known as Alcatraz (Stock). In 1850, President Millard Fillmore, wanted the island for a Military Reserve. With the beginning of the Gold Rush, the president wanted California to have protection. The US Army built a fortress, along with 100 cannons and the first lighthouse on the West Coast (Mahaney). With Fort Point and Lime Point, they formed a triangular defense to protect the bay (“The Rock”). Though Alcatraz was never used, and never went into battle (Mahaney). The army tore down the fort, and built a new military prison in 1909. It took from 1909-1911 for the military prisoners to build the new prison. The island was in use for more than 80 years by the army...

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...rting soil and water also cost too much so it ended up closing (Mahaney). Today the prison can be visited, by riding on the ferry then taking a tour. The tour includes seeing the cells, cell blocks, halls, recreational centers, and cafeteria. (“Escape to Alcatraz”). It’s a 2 ½ hour tour, costing $30.00 (not including the Ferry ride) (Wisley).
I found the topic of Alcatraz really interesting, and wanted to share that with everyone. I feel that more people should learn about this prison. To get an understanding of what it was like and how it came to be. This island holds more stories and memories than people would think. Today there is another prison, just like Alcatraz, but less costly. It’s called Florence and is located in Colorado (Johnson). People should understand the life of Alcatraz, because it was an important part of our country’s history.

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