Essay on The Most Famous Leaders Of The American Revolutionary Time Period

Essay on The Most Famous Leaders Of The American Revolutionary Time Period

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Thomas Jefferson is one of the most famous leaders of the American Revolutionary time period. He was a well-respected lawyer and writer who used his pen rather than his voice to support the patriot cause (Freidel). Many others became famous because of their actions and speeches that became known across America. Thomas Jefferson was a quiet man who voiced his opinions eloquently through his writing and was known as the “silent member” of congress (Freidel). During his lifetime, Jefferson wrote more than sixteen thousand letters ( That fact right there should show just how much more writing he did instead of speaking. His life was full of many accomplishments and achievements that changed the United States forever.
Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell, Virginia on April 13, 1743 ( His family was very well-known in Virginia. Jefferson came from a rather large family since he had a total of ten siblings and he was the third born. As a young child, Jefferson favorite activities were probably different than the other children. He enjoyed being in the woods, reading, and practicing his violin ( Jefferson started his education when he was nine. He studied many different languages and was fluent in five ( In 1760, Jefferson started at the College of William and Mary. While attending college, Jefferson did not follow the typical college student life. He instead joined a group of older scholars who provided him with more knowledge than any class that Jefferson could take during college. Jefferson decided to study law after three years of attending the College of William and Mary ( He was already considered one of the most respected lawyers in America before he wa...

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...he Declaration of Independence ( James Madison visited Thomas Jefferson right before he passed away. Jefferson told him that “he wished to be remembered for two things only; as the Author of the Declaration of Independence, and as the founder of the University of Virginia” ( He is buried in his family cemetery at his home, Monticello, in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson will be forever respected as one of the great American Founding Fathers because of his writing of the Declaration of Independence.
In conclusion, Thomas Jefferson had a strong impact on the founding of the United States of America and its development in those earliest years. The United States was changed forever due to his grand ideas for this country that became realities through his dedication and hard work. His accomplishments helped to form the world we live in today.

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