Essay on The Most Famous Celebrity Of The World

Essay on The Most Famous Celebrity Of The World

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How would you feel if you were the most famous celebrity of the world? You probably reply that you would enjoy of being the one which is at the top of everyone. However, the reality is that you might not be as happy as you expected. Everything actually has two sides like medicines will relieve your pain but they also have side effects. When you have the most of everything, you might also lose more than others. For instance, you often see that the person that wins a lottery ticket usually wears a mask or have concealed his face by mosaic during any interview. You might wonder that why this person hides his identity instead of just letting others to know who the luckiest person of the world is. The only reason that explains this phenomenon is that this person tries to protect himself from having too many troubles after being famous.. Although he becomes a richer person than the majority of people, he may start to seriously worry about his own safety. Their family members may also get into spotlights and bothered by others. Mary Loftus, the author of “The Other Side of Fame” also supports this idea with her own explanations. In her essay, Mary Loftus shows that fame damages celebrities’ personal lives by leaving them without any privacy. Most importantly, celebrities have no time to form any "normal" familial bonds due to the constraints of living in the public eye.
Celebrities have no privacy because of their fame. Take the movie “Swing Vote” as an example. The main character Bud Johnson is a slacker as he cannot hold onto any jobs and never votes for the country. However, he gets into spotlight and becomes famous because his daughter votes as him on the last day of election; nevertheless this vote accidentally cannot be read becaus...

... middle of paper ... At present, the social media grows and makes the audience to watch the celebrities easily. People get more ways to seek their personal lives such as using Facebook and Twitter. This is also the nature of human beings as the fans are interested in the celebrities; therefore they want to know more about them. Also, being famous means that the celebrities must to be more responsible of their jobs; otherwise they will be judged by the public. So, it is difficult for the celebrities to just put off their current works and stay with their families. Thus, things always have two sides. For the celebrities, we only pay attention to how popular they are and how much wealth they have. We assume that they are happy in our expectation because they have almost everything. However, their happiness only are true when they put down their burdens and get back to normality one day.

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