The Most Dynamic Learning Experiences This Past Week Essay

The Most Dynamic Learning Experiences This Past Week Essay

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I have had the most dynamic learning experiences this past week, since I have attending UMHB. I made new friends, learned how the top echelon of education functioned, and how educational laws are influenced. The caliber of speakers we meet this week had a huge impact on me and the way I look at education. These speaker were motivating and gave us the realistic version of the educational process. They tried to not sugarcoat the issues we face in education and gave us the real prospective on ongoing issues.
On our first day we went to TEA. I believe this was one of the biggest wakeup calls I have faces in the education field. It was dramatic to discover the individuals who were the head of TEA, had no or very little affiliation with the field of education. I interpret this as a weak link in our system. These positions need to be taken seriously and not seen as a political spot for those who owe political favor. I have always been told a system is only as strong as the weakest link, and it seems that the education system is filled will weak links at the top of the chain. I find it ironic we are preached about leadership and how schools need capable leaders who know what to do, but then we have people who have no clue, because they have never been in education.
This is the same system our military uses and it is not an effective way to lead. We have so many leaders who are on top and have no clue about combat, military families, or the hardships of a veteran. These individuals have to protect, help, and understand the military way of life, but they are so political and tend to just worry about their own interest. This action only hurts the Soldiers and their families. These individuals are destroying our Army. The same destruction i...

... middle of paper ... I would like to be someday. He has a strong trach record and to be a superintendent in San Antonio is a huge achievement. There are not a lot of Latinos who make it that high in education and I hope someday I to can be in that spot.
Over all this week was a great week. I had the chance to make some great friends and eat a lot of Mexican food. I made some connections, which I hope to use for a positive outcome. I learned a lot in a positive aspect, but at the same time I felt that things need to seriously change in the school districts funding policies. I also learned that there are new laws that are not clear, but each case needed to be handled with political correctness and luck. I just hope that we keep on challenging our leaders to make schools better and to stop stripping our schools of resources. We are all human and we should all have the right to learn.

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