Essay on The Most Daring Moments Of My Life

Essay on The Most Daring Moments Of My Life

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In life we have all did something that was not right. When people get older they sit back and think about all the terrible things they have done in life. In today’s world trouble is easy to get into and is very hard to get out of. I have had many of these vivid turns over the past few years. Some of the most daring moments in my life have been turning points, where I have made a decision that have changed my entire life.

My First turning point happened to me on August 13th. I was only ten my house caught on fire and all my electronics got burned up. Now that I sit back and think, I can see why it might have happened for a good reason. It happened because I used to value materialistic thing. God showed that I should always value my family not electronics. I learned all this one Sunday I had attended church with my grandma. The preacher had made his sermon about how not to value material things and to love our family. I haven’t valued any material things since that house fire. Getting closer to god had changed me in a good way.

My Second turning point in my life was whe...

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