The Most Critical Leadership Ethical Dilemma Essays

The Most Critical Leadership Ethical Dilemma Essays

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There are hidden Rules for students who come from poverty neighborhoods and high schools. Many college and universities are founded on middle class principles, rules, and language. The under resourced student in many cases are lacking this fundamental understanding of what’s expected when they arrive at college. Or even when they apply for college and try to get funding to pay for it. The hidden rules can be in many forms that many middle class students may be able to understand much easier.
Identification of the most critical leadership ethical dilemma:
Many colleges provide resources for students to try and help them to be successful. Universities normally have more resources to offer students compared to community colleges. Resources may be available depending on the budget that the school can use for student development. Resources can be in the form of tutoring, counselors, math and science labs, and advising.
However, for many schools students have to learn the about the hidden rules. Normally by trying to get over some type of barrier that the student nor anyone at the school may recognize. Fortunately, some administrators today are beginning to understand that every student may not have the same understanding of college rules, etiquette, or what is to be expected of them. College administrators and faculty normally govern their schools with a middle class mentality that they have been taught or grew up in. When most people hear under resource students they begin to think about lack of financial stability or impoverished neighborhoods. This can be true for some students who are under resourced. In addition to economics various other factors can create an under resourced stude...

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... leaders in these school settings don’t make sure that every student is assisted in some way. Tracking students previous school success is not an extremely hard job to do. If you look at the pre-college tests these students take you can see what some of their gaps are. The leaders can take further steps to send these students to more remedial classes to get their skill levels up. Unfortunately some of these schools don’t offer those types of classes. If these colleges continue to take payment from these students then ethically they should supply them with all of the resources to make sure they retain them and they graduate. Instead of starting college only to be kicked out several semesters later because of lack of achievement. The responsibility for these leaders are great and its only ethical for them to provide these services for under resourced students.

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