The Most Commonly Used Types Of Crime Essay

The Most Commonly Used Types Of Crime Essay

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I am writing this memo in reference to the recent crime rates in the 4th District or South Chicago. I will also discuss the administrative, tactical and strategic analysis for this area which are the three most commonly used types of crime analysis today. Now it seems that the biggest problem we are having in this area is with burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft and robbery. Unfortunately, I’m only give a report on the weeks of August 24, 2016 to September 6, 2016. However, when it those last two weeks there have been a total of 58 incidents and the majority of them were the crimes that I have previous listed. Although, this is not a large area in Chicago the crime rate vs. the job rate is not good because there is more crime in the area than there are jobs. Therefore, some residents feel that in order to survive they have to rob or steal things to sell in order to get money. Now for a side of town that’s only about three and a half miles long and wide it has a very large population which is a part of the problems as well. The area consists of African American, Whites and Hispanic...

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