The Most Beneficial Program For Myself Essay

The Most Beneficial Program For Myself Essay

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I believe that the most beneficial program for myself is epidemiology. I am choosing to pursue an MPH, because it will allow me the opportunity to make a contribution to the community, it ties in to my psychology and biology background. The program would allow me to build on the skills I developed as the founder of Success 1st, which emphasizes education to encourage youth to think and be knowledgeable before engaging in risky behaviors such as sexual activity. As a determined, passionate, and committed individual, I find the prospect of working in such a career most ideal for me.

At the young age of 10, I began to entertain at local nursing homes with my friends, and we constructed a singing duo that performed at such locations. Throughout the experiences, rather than the stoic and uninterested faces that appear on most individuals in nursing homes, I noticed movement, and increased dialogue among the residence. After time I came to realize that it wasn 't just my musical ability that people appreciated, it was the overall improvement in regards to the audience that resonated with me. We were not merely sharing a song; we were encouraging a healthy mental state in the residence.

While preparing for my transition to high school, I began considering careers that might offer me additional opportunities to focus on improving the health of the community. While in high school, I decided that medicine and health, and biology were the surest way to achieve that sense of fulfillment. I was accepted into Gloucester County Institute of Technology’s Allied Health and Medical Science program as a student in a medically focused career curriculum. As a student in a medical focused curriculum, I planned to gather information that would...

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...tions. I feel that through my non-profit I accomplished a similar idea.

I want to attend Rutgers because throughout my graduate school experience, I plan to reach out and provide assistance and guidance for my non-profit, and continue to share educational health with others. The fieldwork component would assist in furthering the knowledge gained from the classroom into the communities. Continuing my education at Rutgers leaves me in a great location, and leaves me close to my non-profit headquarters. Rutgers has shown me just how committed they are to community members, as the university has already made a contribution my non-profit. Through the Rutgers School of Law Pro Bono and Public Interest Program, co-directed by Associate Dean Jill Friedman, was instrumental in the successful preparation and subsequent approval of my 501c3 application for my non-profit.

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