The Mortality Rates Of Cervical Cancer Essay

The Mortality Rates Of Cervical Cancer Essay

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Approximately 270,000 women are killed by cervical cancer each year and close to 85 percent of those deaths occur in resource-poor settings (Baker, 2009). Most commonly known as the Pap smear, routine cytological screening of women is used to decrease the rate of cervical cancer deaths in women in wealthier regions of the world. However, in countries with scarce resources where screening is not available, cervical cancer is going undetected, therefore treatment is not received and death often occurs. Low-income and low-resource settings are unable to afford the high-quality expensive technology to develop practical screening programs. PATH, along with the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention and Cervical Cancer Action collaborated in order to develop new technology that provided substitute screening methods for low-resource regions. This paper will identify why the mortality rates of cervical cancer are higher in less developed countries and different determinants of cervical cancer, conditions that were necessary to successfully create prevention technology, challenges that the partners faced and how they were overcome, as well as the influences of political climate of regions and its consequences.
According to the CDC, in 2013, 11,955 women in the United States were diagnosed with cervical cancer and 4,217 women in the United States died from cervical cancer (2016). In the United States they have the ability to conduct routine screenings since as pap smear which is able to detect cervical cancer, whereas in developing countries these screenings have not been successful. According to Pam Baker, mortality rates in less developed countries are greatly increased across every age group compared to more developed countries (2009)....

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...nationally implement the interventions suggested by the partners. Another challenge discovered in some regions was the skepticism of the obstetric-gynecological community, which created an obstacle in the physical implementation of new technologies and healthcare screenings that the partners had agreed upon.
Cervical cancer is becoming a very prominent illness among women. It is important for them to understand the importance of getting tested early to be caught at an earlier stage. In lower developed countries they do not have testing always at their disposal, it is vital for such organizations to pay attention to this health problem. They need to be able to work together to help decrease the risk of late diagnosis of cervical cancer. No matter if one lives in a more or less developed country they deserve to receive the best medical care which is available to them.

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