Moroccan Food : Uniqueness, Influences, And Culture Essay

Moroccan Food : Uniqueness, Influences, And Culture Essay

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Moroccan Food:
Uniqueness, Influences, and Culture
Emily Pichardo
Professor Ilkay
Cal Poly Pomona
1 June 2015

Moroccan Food: Uniqueness, Influences, and Culture

History of Culture:
The Moroccan food culture is very unique and enticing through sight, smell, and taste in ways that many other cuisines cannot fulfill, all of which is due to its history and influences over the years. Morocco is located in Northern Africa right by the Mediterranean Sea. It 's location has been a great influence on both its history and culture. According to the Youngblood-Coleman (2015), Arab forces began to occupy Morocco in the seventeenth century. This then brought the Islamic culture and many other traditions, this since then, has had a large impact on their culture. Morocco’s location has brought an abundance of resources, which has led to competition between the European powers and also became a main trading point for many countries within Europe and Africa. Morocco’s location and history has influenced not only it’s political power, but as well as its food culture and many other traditions that Moroccan’s now follow.

The Moroccan culture differs in many ways in comparison to other cultures and even it’s neighboring countries’—its uniqueness is what makes their food culture so interesting. Moroccan’s are known to have hearty appetites, and it is very appropriate in this culture to leave a table feeling fully and even overly satisfied. According to Helou (1999), this state of being is also known as “shaban”. This country is known for including spices, herbs, wheat, and specific poultry in a large majority of their dishes. These ingredients are unique to their geography and even Islamic influences. Morocco’s neighboring ...

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...e in their religion as it influences their everyday lives. Known for the generosity, Moroccans take greetings and encounters very seriously and ensure to enjoy their enticing meals.


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