Essay on The Mormon Symbolism in Twilight

Essay on The Mormon Symbolism in Twilight

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The Twilight Saga tells the story of a young woman named Bella Swan and her love

interest, Edward Cullen. Stephenie Meyer has said that the idea for the Twilight Saga came from

a dream she had. In her dream, Meyer had a vision of an unbelievably perfect male being and an

average teenage girl (cite). The odd pair, obviously in a state of infatuation with each other, was

sitting in a small, round meadow when all of a sudden; the male reveals himself to the young

woman as a vampire (Sykley 262).The dream served as the inspiration for the entire Twilight

Saga. In the series, Meyer tells about Bella’s constant longing for the eternal youth that Edward

possesses. Instead of being frightened by the strange demeanors and striking good looks of the

Cullen family, Bella is intrigued by them and can’t bring herself to let them go. Eventually, the

lovers decide that they cannot stand to part, wish to marry, and spend the rest of their eternal

lives together after Belle is transformed into a vampire. Bella, although not without

complication, gives birth to a vampire-human hybrid, and with the help of her friends defeats an

evil group of vampires called the Volturri and spends the rest of her life in a state of eternal

youth and beauty with Edward and daughter Renesme. On the surface, the Twilight Saga seems

like any other average teen romance story, but through further examination, it is obvious that

Stephenie Meyer has imbedded countless examples of Mormon symbolism in the story.

One of the most predominant examples of Mormon ideology in the Twilight Saga is the

idea of “agency” (Gravett 61-71). This idea can most easily be described as a human’s ability to

make decisions that are morally right and just, sinc...

... middle of paper ...


from human to vampire. In the series, the couple express and undying, eternal love for each other

(Meyer, Twilight). They know that they will spend their eternity together and that their love will

endure even after Bella leaves behind her human life to become a vampire. In Mormon belief,

marriage is an eternal bond that lasts beyond the afterlife (The Book of Mormon D&C. 132.19).

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the series, has grown up in the Mormon faith. She is quite

familiar with Mormon belief and ideology. These beliefs are prevalent throughout the entire

series. Mormon belief and tradition, despite not entirely obvious at first glance, become

extremely evident upon closer review. Twilight, although not directly expressed as such, is in

fact a story filled with countless representations of Mormon belief about life, love, and morality.

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