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More Testing, More Learning Essay

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As a college student, is the idea of your final grade being based off of just a midterm and final very stressful? O 'Malley argues in his essay "More Testing, More Learning" that professors should give out more quizzes and assignments to reduce the stress and procrastination students face before midterms and finals. Although this might be helpful for a high school setting, it would not be completely efficient at a college level. This is because frequent testing takes up a significant amount of students and professors time, are added stress throughout the year, will not fix a students procrastination, and having high stake tests prepares students for their future. Some of O 'Malley 's ideas seem reasonable and would help students while others are an inconvenience for the professor and students.
O 'Malley suggests in his essay that professors should give weekly quizzes or review worksheets. The average, full-time college student takes five or six courses per semester. If every professor assigned one in class quiz or long assignment to be completed out of class each week, among other assignments the student would be completely overwhelmed. The student would have to spend so much time preparing for five different quizzes or finishing five different review worksheets each week. Students will have more important work to focus on such as projects, presentations, speeches and more that might end up rushes if there focusing on weekly assignments. This would be a lot of unnecessary work just to ensure students are understanding the class and reading text books. Not only would this suggestion be too much work for students, it would be a lot of added work for the professors. They would need to write and grade all of these assignments for t...

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...tudents for there future. They will begin to get used to high stake tests and learn how to prepare for them which is a necessary skill. Dealing with stress and getting work done on time and to the best of your ability is very important for a future after school.
Frequent testing is not efficient at a college level. There are plenty other ways to ensure students are doing their work and to motivate them to do so. High stake test are stressful but frequent tests could be even more stressful for students and professors. Extra assignments would also be a lot of work just to make sure work is being completed, it would be very unnecessary. These high stake tests may be very hard for students at first, but as they move through years of college they will learn to prepare for them, and will teach them how to deal with stress which will help them significantly in their future.

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