The More Life Than Academics Essay

The More Life Than Academics Essay

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Zain Zaidi
Ms. Burnett
October 13, 2015
More to Life than Academics
It’s been eighteen years and life is only just beginning. Our choices, our future, and our destinies are for us to write. For far too long have universities required one to be academically superior to the rest, but I believe that academics are just a pawn, a minor part in the game of life. Numbers are primitive, they give a sense of value, but in my opinion numbers are not of sole importance when it comes to university admissions. Rather than focusing specifically on our grades for admission, universities should; evaluate how committed the student is to be accepted in the establishment, how beneficial the student may be to the university through contributions made to society, and how well rounded the student is as a whole. Our entrance to university shall not be abolished simply because we are unable to achieve the expected overall average by a matter of few percents. I strongly believe there is more to university admission than simply academics.
One can only get far if he/she is committed on the task at hand. I believe that if a student is committed to getting into university, and works towards it then they should be granted acceptance. The students who are committed are exceptionally hard workers, willing to do anything to attend a university, even when they are aware that their marks are under the expected overall. I feel that not everyone is academically capable, and able to achieve high 90’s, however that does not mean that these students are unworthy of attending a university. Universities just look at the numbers they see on the report cards and decide the fate of the students, but have they ever stopped to consider why a particular stu...

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...per, but rather as a whole. The determination as well as the effort the student shows should be a key factor in getting admission to a university. In addition to that universities should focus on how the student contributes to society, and how well rounded the student is. I believe that the marks we receive in school are not an accurate representation of who we truly are, but the acts performed by us show exactly who we want to be. Eighteen years have just passed, and the road to the future has just begun.

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