Morals And Family Values Came From The Supper Table Essay

Morals And Family Values Came From The Supper Table Essay

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The place where I learned about the most about morals and family values came from the supper table. The term ‘Supper’ is the Mainer equivalent for word dinner. Supper has always held a special place in my heart, especially as I grow older. I recognize many families don’t have the opportunity to sit down at the dinner table and spend quality times with their loved ones because of their social class. Sometimes a parent from the lower-class might work late to try to make ends meet, or they just can’t afford to have a big supper every night like mine could. We were by no means in the upper-class echelon of society but, somewhere in the middle-class. I was very fortunate compared to my counterparts that came from low-income families. My social class helped shaped me into who I am. Living in the middle-class has allowed me to place more value on relationships with my family and friends, and place less value on money. I realize that I will only feel rich if I love what I do and surround myself with the ones that mean the most to me rather than materialistic possessions. Money has little influence on my future aspirations and goals. I only aspire to feel happy.
I’ve always thought about how much money we had as a family. I knew we had enough to eat dinner every night but, not enough to buy fancy schmancy rich people items like boats and jet skis. When my mom met my dad he had $8 left in his bank account and alternated between steak and pizza for supper every other night. Luckily, I learned how to save money from my mom and not my dad. Before my twin brother and I was even a thought my mom was constantly trying to save money and set up a college fund for us. My brother and I wouldn’t attend two of the most expensive colleges in Maine with...

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... it’s financially safe or easy to get. I love sports and I plan to do something sports related whether I become an athletic director or organize events like the X-Games. I love action sports because the athlete must constantly push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Secondly, while money is of low importance to me, I hope to make enough to support my future family. Much like my parents, I aspire to be married and have a beautiful family that I can put food on the table every night for. Lastly, I aspire to own a camp in Maine. I love where I am from and my brother and best friend have always dreamed of splitting the cost of a camp for guy nights. We also reluctantly agreed that we could take our future families to camp as well. My happiness is truly at its peak when I enjoy what I do daily and still have time to spend with family and friends around a warm campfire.

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