The Morally Praiseworthy Actions of Medical Professionals who Provide Care for Enemy Combatants

The Morally Praiseworthy Actions of Medical Professionals who Provide Care for Enemy Combatants

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Many Americans assume that medical professionals are generally helpful of others. However, a controversial question has been raised about the use of medical professionals and their involvement with torturing enemy combatants during war. Is it morally right or morally wrong for them to be involved in these sorts of practices? I believe that medical professionals who are involved in overseeing and treating tortured enemy combatants are morally praiseworthy. Medical professionals are praiseworthy because its undoubtedly correct for a medical professional to help preserve the life of tortured. Furthermore, medical professionals are praiseworthy because their job description demands that they assist injured people. Lastly, I emphasize that medical professionals are correct by performing these practices because it makes the doctors patriotic. I also will address a few opposing viewpoints within my points expressed and relate back to how my points outweigh the opposition.

My first point illustrates the aspects of medical professionals who are preserving the life of enemy combatants. I undoubtedly claim that medical professionals who are involved in overseeing and treating tortured enemy combatants are praiseworthy because they preserve the life of the one who was being tortured. An opposing view could assert that the medical professional shouldn’t be present to preserve the life of the enemy combatant because it’s morally wrong to help the enemy. I would respond to their claim by reminding them that life itself is precious and should be preserved, for a person shouldn’t do another person wrong if they have done wrong to them. Another way to approach this is to state that by treating the enemy well, they may have a change of heart. ...

... middle of paper ... major results. If you absolutely have to torture someone for the sake of helping a whole country, then I think it’s morally right. Saving life is patriot within its self, and saving life for your country would make the medical professional very patriotic.

In conclusion, I take a firm stance that medical professionals who are involved in overseeing and treating tortured enemy combatants are morally praiseworthy. Medical professionals are morally praise worthy because they are preserving the life of the tortured, they are fulfilling there job description, and the act would make them patriot. Medical professionals are important aspects in life and should be used when needed in any situation. These types of people are praiseworthy within themselves and if they follow through with there jobs makes them morally praiseworthy when they are helping an enemy combatant.

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