Morality On Social Contract By Jean Jacques Rousseau

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Morality on Social Contract The theme of morality in the society plays a significant role in developing The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The author uses morality to gives a clearer meaning on the characters that make up the society, rather than what the pretense that is shown (Butler 3). It describes how people relate and how morality affects their relationship with each other. Some individuals try to gain recognition by impressing their morality upon another 's beliefs. The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau objects to such thoughts by stating every person in the society has a different conception of morality. Rousseau set forth the view of government and society that challenged much of the order established, by insisting that government in any country exist to serve the people. Morality is defined as the system of ideas of wrong as well as right conduct. There are several ways one can classify the word morality in the society. Morality is classifiable as religious implications by arguing that morals come from religion and faith only. It can also be categorized as being creatable from philosophy, society, religion, or conscience of different individuals. According to Atria (599), it concerns with the ideal code of belief as well as conduct that can be preferable to the people who have the same morals, but under different conditions in which that are special in their operations. Therefore, the preference of the individual plays a vital role in morality. For instance, if the actions of an individual are preferred to be immoral in nature then it is an immoral conduct. If the action of an individual is preferred to be moral, then the person remains to be moral under certain circumstances. To thoroughly have knowle... ... middle of paper ... ...e community can receive the best opportunity to select just right conduct of morality from the impartial perspective due to universality and generality of the moral belief. Morality around social contract allows individuals to consider their interest in changing the culture, eras, and discipline in the society as the individuals will be able to select the measure that best reflects their personal interests as opposed to the benefit of the whole community. The Morality that comes with Social Contract enables information of the establishment of the tendency in most democratic western societies (Atria 611). Rousseau ideas on morality within the social contract show the tension existing in political thoughts that occur between individual liberty and totalitarianism as they continue to be the different issue conducts that are inclusive of both wrong and right approaches.
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