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Olympian morality was potent in ancient Greek society yet it is incomplete by today’s moral standards of what is acceptable. Modern morality is not only taught through actions, stories or experiences however constructed by the feelings within. In both, The Iliad and the Hesiod, external actions are the most important however, without logos, a look into the soul no decisions are made by choice. Eris, the force of pulling apart and Eros, the force of pushing together were vital pieces in the aspect of morality through traditional Greek society. Ancient morality combined with natural science and logos creates a balance that allows for perfect moral structure. Olympian morality was built upon the aspect that the Gods determined human existence however; the divine, natural science and most importantly, logical reason are what determines modern morality.
In Olympian society the basic challenge of morality was the ability to control Eris and Eros. The issue society has with Eris is they believe rationality can completely control negative feelings and reactions however this is very untrue. Today’s society is fueled around people’s discomforts with others however; the world believes that rationality can subdue those feelings. Through rationality and logic people can work out issues they may have with one another however, logic or choice was completely chimera in ancient society causing Eris to strive. The problem with rationality is it cannot fix all problems and sometimes instinct or dislike overpowers what would be acceptable. In modern society logic controls Eris making it a weaker driving force however it still exists. It would be ignorant to pretend strife, conflict and rebuttal does not exist in society therefore Eris is still pre...

... middle of paper ... and Eros created the moral structure of ancient society and are still a present force in the modern world. Without the drive of Eros and Eris the world would have no good or bad and all would be very moderate and boring. Along with Eros and Eris there must be a combination of natural science and logic to represent the best moral structure possible. The Iliad and Hesiod represent why external actions are important and with the help of modern philosophy, choice, has prospered into the world of morality. Eris and Eros will always be present in human society helping to create true moral standards.

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