Essay on The Morality Of Suicide By Pew Research

Essay on The Morality Of Suicide By Pew Research

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Finally, many unique categories of humanity have opinions on the morality of ending one’s life. This article, entitled “Views on the Morality of Suicide” was written in conjunction with polls done by Pew Research. This paper discusses the views on the morality of suicide across several demographic groups; furthermore, it demonstrates how many factors contribute to views on suicide. The polls conducted asked many different groups of people if suicide was acceptable in several situations. The situations were “great pain, no hope for improvement”, “incurable disease”, “ready to die, living is a burden”, and “extremely heavy burden on family”.
Responses collected generally show a majority of all individuals surveyed (62%) agreeing that suicide is permissible if the subject is suffering through great pain with no hope for improvement, while 56% of all adults believe an incurable disease is a valid reason to want to die. The percentage of those agreeing declines when “being a burden” is brought into the picture. Just 38% of adults believe that “Being ready to die because living is a burden” is a reasonable cause for suicide, and only 32% of believe that being a heavy burden on a family is a suitable enough reason to die. However, ethnicity, religion, and gender differences account for differences in opinion on all four of these subtopics.
First, the opinions vary on the idea of suicide if the subject is suffering profusely with no optimistic expectations. Sixty-five percent of white, non-Hispanic individuals surveyed largely believed that suicide was morally acceptable when there is no hope for improvement, while only 52% of black, non-Hispanic adults surveyed agreed. Furthermore, a larger divide was shown when religion was factored in...

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...l, while a huge percent of people (mostly elderly adults) reported that those who attempt or commit suicide are lacking in religious faith. Those beliefs on suicide do nothing to help those with suicidal thoughts or suicide survivors, because it makes it significantly harder for a person to get help or speak about their experiences.
As seen in the studies, attitudes towards suicide are mostly positive. Many health professionals recognize that anyone can try to kill themselves, and they believe that those who are depressed or lonely are most susceptible. Even though many older adults have negative views on suicide by thinking it’s normal and not committed by mentally ill individuals, the younger generation stated opposite views. The future looks bright as the general population is becoming more aware of the dangers of suicide and what is in the minds of the suicidal.

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