The Morality Of Society 's Morality Essay

The Morality Of Society 's Morality Essay

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Sigmund Freud believed that society has instilled morality upon us, exterminating our individualism. This morality eventually leads to neurosis, in which it becomes more difficult for us to maintain ourselves through the stress of society’s morality. I disagree with Freud, because I believe that morality isn’t forced on us externally, but internally through reason. As humans developed reason, we also developed a sense of morality through that reason. Freud believes that humans should do what they want because we shouldn’t restrict ourselves on society 's behalf. However, I believe that restriction is an essential part of our character, and allows humanity to advance further than any other race. Morality, like reason, keeps us safe from the dangers of the world. Why wouldn’t we go into a town and kill people? Because there would be consequences that would restrict ourselves much more than morality could. We are moral for the same point that we use reason, to continue to live and advance as human beings.
The first major point I would like to explain is how morality is internal through reason, rather than external through society. Freud’s argument was that we developed morality as a way so that our lives wouldn’t be controlled by strong individuals. By grouping up into societies, humans are able to stand against the strong individuals. However, this came at a cost. Freud believed that the cost was that we are now unable to achieve certain possibilities, because by doing so, we would have to relinquish membership of society. For example, lets say a man needs money for food. In a society, he is unable to take the money from fellow members, thus forcing him into another option to obtain money. Freud believes that this man is now under ...

... middle of paper ... This is how humanity is able to thrive in this world.
Freud believed that morals instilled by society was the cause of all our problems. That the pressure exerted on us led to neurosis, therefore proving that morality was corrupt under society’s influence. However, I think that this is not the case. Morality is driven by reason, and reason is the natural evolution that sparked humanity’s existence. Neurosis is just an affliction caused by one’s weak mindedness, and their inability to handle an advanced life. If we were to eradicate morality, we would also be eradicating reason. Without reason, we are no longer humans, just animals driven by compulsive desires, constantly fighting in order to dominate others. Just as a fish developed fins, we developed reason, and through reason, morality. That is why I believe that morality is an essential part of the human race.

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