Essay about The Morality Of Immoral Laws

Essay about The Morality Of Immoral Laws

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Morality of Immoral Laws
In “Crito” and “Antigone,” Plato and Sophocles both talk about disobeying the law. Plato claims that it is wrong to disobey the law when the individual will gain something from his disobedience. On the other hand, Sophocles argues that it is wrong to disobey laws that do not follow the laws of God. While I agree with Plato and Sophocles in regards to their concepts of the law, I claim that Socrates and Plato would both agree that it is not right to follow an immoral law; it is better to break an immoral law than to follow it.
If a law goes against an individual 's morals, one should break it. When Antigone talks with Kreon, she knows that burying her brother is ethically wrong, but it was morally right because she thought her brother deserved a proper burial. “And yet, as men’s hearts know, I have done no wrong, I have not sinned before God. Or if I have, I shall know the truth in death. But if the guilt lies upon Kreon who judged me, then, I pray, may his punishment equal my own” (308 66-69). Here, Antigone says that she did nothing wrong, and everyone knows that her actions are just because she did what God wanted. She will only know if what she did was wrong after she dies, but she wants Kreon to have an equal punishment because he wrongfully punished her. From this, I say that family must stick up for one another regardless of the consequences because family is meant to support each other through the highs and lows of life. Also, following god’s laws are more important than following the laws of the State. For example, jaywalking is against the law; however, a lot of people often do it. If my brother was jaywalking, and I saw a car coming for him, I would run out and push him out of the way. Even tho...

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...nce. I say that people need to follow the beliefs and instincts that they have.
During the 1940’s when Hitler led the totalitarian government in Germany, the Jewish people were required to leave their homes to go to concentration camps. It was against the law for the Germans to hide Jews; however, some Germans decided to hide them anyway because they thought it was immoral to poorly treat the Jewish people just because of their faith. In Anne Frank’s case, once her family and the Germans hiding them got caught, they were all arrested because they broke the law. These Germans, like many others, felt a need to help out the Frank family against the law because they thought the law was immoral, and they were fully aware of the consequences. Like Antigone and Socrates, they were punished for following their moral beliefs and they stood up for what they thought was right.

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