Essay on The Morality Of Gambling And Anti-Gambling

Essay on The Morality Of Gambling And Anti-Gambling

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Previous anti-gambling arguments focused on the perceived immorality and considered gambling as a sin against God, the society and family. Modern arguments on the other hand, consider gambling as a diseases rather than as a sin. This means that criticism for gambling is directed at the gambling industry, which is condemned for taking advantage of the weaknesses of the gamblers. The opposition to gambling is because it increases family disruptions, domestic violence, increase crime rate and increased use of drugs. However, when gambling is done in moderation there are positive consequences that outweigh the bad consequences. This paper will argue that gambling is a moral business model.
Gambling is an act of wagering an item of value on the premise that a certain outcome will occur. It involves placing money at a risk in the hopes of gaining more. Gambling does not necessarily oppose to the rights theory but the widespread legal restrictions on gambling is consistent with the conclusion that gambling is wrong because it goes against the duty of a steward of a property. As such, the state has the right to protect public morals and it has the duty to restrict gambling activities. This is because such activities can be injurious to the morals and welfare of the society. Gambling raises concerns about its effects on corruption and criminal activity as well as concerns about its morality. Considering the morality of gambling requires the analysis of what is tolerable and what is not as well as the individual rights, civil liberties, and the appropriate exercise of power by the state.
Gambling related policies often raises a conflict between two opposing ideologies. The first is concerned with the ethics of sacrifice, which provides th...

... middle of paper ... conflicts within families. Gambling addiction also leads to the loss of a lot of money. Unlike a moderate gambler, an addicted gambler does not engage in the activity for pleasure but with the prospects of making a huge return. Such motivation makes an individual make irrational decisions about gambling activities. Such irrationality can result in excessive spending in gambling activities. It will also encourage the individual to engage in other illegal activities in order to satisfy the addiction.


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