Morality and Will Power in Lucifer in Starlight by George Meredith Essay

Morality and Will Power in Lucifer in Starlight by George Meredith Essay

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"Lucifer in Starlight," written by George Meredith, concerns the differences between nominalism and realism in terms of morality and will power. The central theme of this poem revolves around the notion that Lucifer has no place other than hell, and any attempts at returning to heaven is impractical. Meredith combines irony, along with his own distinctive tone and style, to portray his idea of natural law.
As with any poem, the title can sometimes be a reference to other works of fiction, the Bible, mythology, or famous figures. In this instance, it's the Bible. Lucifer was a defiant archangel who was forsakened by God and banished from heaven. The title, "Lucifer in Starlight," is not a reference to an uprising in hell, but rather a reference to Earth because it is describing a place where stars are visible. The rising is also mentioned in the first line. "On a starred night Price Lucifer uprose" (1). The first line ironically refers to Lucifer as an honorable prince, while a fiend in the second. Later, it is explained that he is rising because he is tired of hell. "Tired of the d...

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