The, Morality And The Distinctiveness Of Human Action Essays

The, Morality And The Distinctiveness Of Human Action Essays

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Philosopher, Christine Korsgaard, assesses her idea of the capacity for normative self government, in her her short writing, Morality and the Distinctiveness of Human Action. In her writing she argues that a form of life, whether human or animal/insect, it is not one controlled by guidelines and principles but is one governed by instinct desire and emotion. Korsgaard makes her claim with examples and premises on intentions. Korsgaard claims that the essence of morality relies on the normative self government and believes that laws in society do not protect those who are citizens but those who share the interest that the laws were made to protect.
Korsgaard 's first argument that I believe is strong is the premise that in society we have the basic rights as a citizen in a well governed country such as the rights of personal liberty, freedom of speech and association because everyone has the right to to determine whether what counts as a worthwhile life to live as long as it is consistent with everyone else 's. An example Korsgaard gives is that if someone cannot interfere with your freedom of speech then they can not interfere with your prayers. Korsgaard argues by saying that morality is just created by us humans and that we set what morality is by rules set forth by our own human kind. We have created rules and circumstances that everyone uses as a guideline of whether they are doing the right thing. A lot of decisions in our everyday are determined by the laws that are set forth by the government. For example, if one were trying to decide whether to steal something or not, the average person would not because they would not only be breaking the law but would feel bad. Hence, showing Korsgaard 's theory working in socie...

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...ur actions by your own moral internalism which I understand as normative self government. When using your own evaluations you must provide moral reasons that will end in a good final. Once we perform those actions we evaluate them and determine our own inner moral agents. She provides the Kantian view throughout her writings and concludes the perspective by adding in her perspective that there must be a reason for the actions while performing and evaluating the end goal. Her perspective also ties along with the idea of reciprocity in the sense that we only serve in order to be served back.
In conclusion, morality is determined by our own judgements and determinations of good and bad. We are our own moral agents in a sense that self govern ourselves. Though we have different purposes that non humans, animals still serve and follow their own norms of self government.

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