Morality And Perception Of Good And Evil Essay

Morality And Perception Of Good And Evil Essay

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There are many moral behaviors that have happened over time between now and back in the Victorian era. There were a different set of morals over time based on religion and other perceptions of good and evil in literature and different forms media going back from the Victorian era till now. The books The Strange Cases of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Hunger Games, Dracula, and Beowulf are some of the literature that support the morals changing through time, how good and evil was perceived, and how actions were justified as good or evil. The thesis for this paper is that morals and perception of good and evil in society and the media try to justify actions and how society at that time perceived it as good or evil, set to be morally right or wrong in the time period, and how some are glorified for doing morel evils and wrongs set by other outlets of medias religion, and the society in their time.
How good and evil is perceived in the book Dracula is through the form of a vampire named Dracula that is evil because of the morals and expectations of the society. It is shown in the text that he is presented as evil. Back in that era they would go back to the Bible to justify their action as evil because of the killings and the unholy actions. Most of this book had the concept of good and evil being seen though lust and killing. It shows that what they perceived as evil was based on what they believed in their time, mostly related to religion. Dracula “focuses primarily on concepts of lust, sex and evil as they were viewed during the late 19th and 20th centuries” (Amanda M. Podonsky 1). This shows that in the book Dracula they were trying to show what evil is to them. Everything that is put in the book as Dracula, the main chara...

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...controls everything within this district, by lowering the population which is showing in this book. In all the other books it was all about destroying evil but in this it about over throwing the government. It is different than being a hero and showing the transformation from good and evil and Katniss becomes the leader of good by winning the Huger Games threating by not killing Pieta and also threating their way of thinking. This is proving the different perceptions of good and evil over time and how good always win. In all this book it evolves over time and how it becomes from different fears. In the book Dracula to the hunger games there different fears and way evil affects us in writing. This is all showing in this paper the transformation over time the right and good vs evil which proves my thesis that it will change shown in text over time thought are writing .

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