Morality And Morality : Is Morality Important? Essay

Morality And Morality : Is Morality Important? Essay

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Morality is not exactly a widely discussed topic in today’s day and age. Morality in its most basic definition is principals concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. What is morally right or wrong is a distinction that plagues the world. Morality isn 't the same from person to person, different cultures, some are universal, and some are just basic human emotion. I believe that morality is almost like a code of conduct or unspoken rules our very soul follows our entire life. Why is morality important? Why does morality have such strong pull over us? What happens when someone has no morals? These are all questions that one point in time we have all asked and that I am going to explore.
Morality for me is what governs my day to day choices and has helped shaped me as a person. Morality is also backed by my choice of religion and what guides me to know what I am doing is either right or wrong. You can feel it in every fiber of your being if you 're doing something wrong. It pulls at your heartstrings and yells at your soul and you can never fully forget your wrong doings. Wrongdoings are morally wrong and you can feel them tear you apart from the inside almost as if a part of your soul is ripped away from you every time. The greatest of all is murder; that is said that it tears the soul in half and is so morally wrong it can kill a person internally. The Bible mentions roughly in forty different verses about morality, the Quran mentions morality in a few verses, the Torah mentions morality several times, and the list goes on with all the different kinds of teachings in all the different religions. After going over several of these scriptures in different religions it is plain to see that the decisio...

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...y basically flip a coin to tell them what to do. With no real distinction to guide them or lead them through life they are powerless of how their soul gets torn apart. It all really ties in with what if that part of their brain is damaged and they can 't really help but do something that isn 't morally right. All in all we each have to live with our decisions at the end of the day and if a person has no morals than they have a lot of internal struggle whether we think they do or not.
After all i have read and will continue to read I believe that morality is almost like a code of conduct or unspoken rules our very soul follows our entire life. With all the technological advances going on it seems reasonable to believe that eventually morality will be a program that we can upload into our brains. After all we are defined by our decisions and ability to live with them.

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