Essay on The Morales Garcia Family Of The Family

Essay on The Morales Garcia Family Of The Family

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In this paper the author will attempt to assess the Morales Garcia family whom is a friend of the family. The aspects being looked at are the family system roles, rules, strengths, risk factors and major transitions. The author has known this particular family unit for over fifteen years and has observed changes in their dynamics. The Morales Garcia family consists of six members including the mother, father, two daughters and two sons. There is Vicky, who is a twenty-one year old car dealership worker, then there’s Rigo who’s an eighteen year old male high school student, next there’s Josue who is an elven year old soccer player, and lastly Nalani who is a six year old elementary school girl. The mother, Dora, is a medical assistant at an OBGYN office, and the father, Timo is a construction worker.
Currently the Morales Garcia family is not functioning as a unit due to the mother and father parting ways about three years ago. Since the separation the father has not consistently seen his children and recently has fathered a child out of the country. For the most part the father is no longer in the picture nor participates in birthday parties, holidays, school events, etc. Timo, spends his time working and traveling to Mexico where his recent significant other lives and where he has fathered a baby girl. Dora has also recently began a new relationship with a subject however it appears to be an on and off relationship. In recent years the family dynamic consists of the mother working to provide for the children in addition to having some help from her eldest daughter. All three of the youngest children are active in sports and attend school. Currently the only two people in the household that are employed are Dora and Vicky. Vicky...

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...ough a transition by now being the only parent in the home as well as bearing all the responsibilities that come along with that. The children have also undergone a huge transition by not having a father figure anymore in addition to having to pick extra roles in the family, for example Vicky having to bring income, and Rigo having to do some manly duties. The two smallest children have also dealt with the transition of not having a dad and feeling
Another transition that Vicky has undergone is become a caretaker along with her mother. Vicky is only twenty-one years old and she was not used to being depended on or used to coming to finically cooperate at home. Not only financially but also transitioning to taking over some of the mothers roles when possible. Transitioning from being a student to a provider is a major transition for her and a sudden change at that.

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