Essay on The Moral Truth Of Science

Essay on The Moral Truth Of Science

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Have you ever been confused about what moral truth really means or what it is about? Moral truth, in my opinion, is a big picture, which is collected and puzzled from small pieces coming from combination of religion science, and experiences. They have a strong relationship because each of them supports the others’ frameworks and strengthen them into bigger ideas that have specific influences to people’s mind.
First at all, even though science is not always correct 100%, it is still an acceptable source of truth that is reliable enough for people to trust in. Science supplies researches that data and reports find out how people think and accept moral truth from science in different ways. They explain what are occurring around lives and persuade people to believe in by giving specific evidences that ones are able to see and accept. In addition, science provides possible reason to believe in something. Author Joel Achenbach connects his idea with Marcia McNutt quote: “Science is a method of deciding whether what we choose to believe has a basis in the laws of nature or not”. For instance, in “Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt To Science?” of Joel Achenbach, science shows seriously persuasive proof about climate change is happening, and our Earth is at risk because of increasing temperature and human activity; therefore, people are trying to solve problems of global warming by reducing to release industrial smoke and poisons into environment and finding ways to reduce pollution from the air, etc. Moreover, science also has explorations on paranormal activities and supernatural faiths, which are related to religion, people cannot see by their eyes. They concern and attract many psychologists and scientists to analysis about religions...

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...views with them, such as in existence of Goodness. Their ideas might be nice or bad because they depend on how people have the views and opinions about them. Nothing is totally correct so that if people consider thoroughly choosing suitable experiences, they could have a great basis of belief. It is not pretty wonderful but at least people could minimize the percentage that mistakes could happen.
Moral truth is a combination of science, religion, and experiences. Each of them has their own ways to support people to design their own beliefs. Science provides people data and experiments that proves to people that their research are right while religion supplies people with religious lessons and beliefs that influence into people’s behavior and emotion. Lastly, experience helps people to choose between good and bad things to be used for creating their own moral beliefs.

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