The Moral Principles Of The Green Party Support Social Justice, Nonviolence, And Achieving World Peace

The Moral Principles Of The Green Party Support Social Justice, Nonviolence, And Achieving World Peace

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Overall the moral principles of the Green party support social justice, nonviolence, to achieve world peace. No matter the country whether it is Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom they all support the road to peace. All three of these countries have different yet similar avenues they are taking to be able to achieve world peace and unity. The differences and similarities between the Green party standpoints within the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are striking, and they merit scrutiny.
Outside of their country, Canada has a striking reputation of being incredibly stable and friendly, yet their platform depends on the fact that in reality they are falling apart. Focusing on branding themselves to the youth and future generation, they have a platform and website that is easy to access , to understand, and very clean. The first picture or words seen is of Canadian Green party leader, Elizabeth May with their motto,” A Canada That Works. Together.” Throughout the entire website they emphasize that,” Everyone can make a difference. Help us fight for stronger climate action, a democracy where every vote matters, and to stop the TPP.” They show off photos of May and younger people gathered for their cause, “to protect the air we all breathe, the water we drink, and the land that sustains us… as a staunch defender of democracy, of economic policies that make sense, of fairness and openness, of justice and equity.” They concentrate upon working together, strong community, good government, sustainable economy, and bold climate action.
Canada’s way of life has been interpreted due to the wrong actions of their prime minister. Commonly known as a country who has it all together, they have started to stray from tha...

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...d peace, but execute it differently. Canada focuses on the long term focusing on the future generation who will be present later on. They have plans suggested and fully explained while the United Kingdom and United States have no plans of execution. The United Kingdom focuses on the short term problems of the populis, aiming to make the current wants and needs to go away for the moment. They are just squishing their problems down into the trash heap. They somewhat mention the future generation but it seems out of place within their platform. The United States Green platform is unlike either of the other countries as it is very passive, never actually stating firm statement of what they aim to do. They have ideas but no solid plan. While alike in their aims, Canada, the United Kingdom, and United States have different forms of execution of their Green Party platforms.

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