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The Moral Point Of View Essay

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Ethics show you how to live a good life. In order to understand the ultimate good life one must evaluate different ethical theories to find one that fits them best. The Moral Point of View provides a structure for what a good theory should encompass. My position of the Moral Point of View is that it is essential; the theory from class that best approaches how to live a good life is the one that follows it closely.
The Moral Point of View requires you to take into account the effect that your actions have on both yourself and others because we have duties and obligations to both ourselves and others. The Moral Point of View deems it important that humans are naturally social. In order for one to be truly ethical and good, one cannot only be interested in himself. He must understand the implications of the outcomes of his actions and how they can affect the rest of the human race. This is a ripple effect, therefore every action one does radiates out from them affecting everyone else. When using the Moral Point of View you must think of others because everyone is a moral being, but you cannot forget to think of yourself. The Moral Point of view is not selfish or selfless, rather it requires you find a balance between actions that are positive for you and for others. This balance won’t always be perfect, it may lean more towards others for a period of time and more towards yourself other times, but this point of view is not one sided.
Aristotle’s Natural Law Ethics embodies the idea of the common good. The common good is a reflection of the Moral Point of View. In society, there is a give and take between the good and the bad. The goal is to find the balance of these which comes from social interactions; including family, friends, ...

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...w someone can achieve good. Ethics need to be personal, impartial, and universal. Aristotle achieves all three of these in that he relates good to the individuals values of life, he requires one to think of others, and that he applies it to everyone of the earth the same way.
Aristotle 's theory can lead to a good and ethical life. It follows the working definition of ethics, and the structure of the Moral Point of View the best out of the 6 theories we have discussed in class. Although Natural Law Ethics is not perfect, it is strong. Natural Law Ethics has positively impacted my position on the Moral Point of View. This view is a necessary guideline that every human on this earth should be informed about. If it were to be universalized, people around the world would be kinder and think more about the outcomes of their actions; leading to a “good life” for everyone.

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