Moral Matters in Hamlet

Moral Matters in Hamlet

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Each book has its own fate, but there are a few works of art, that can
compete in fame the most mysterious piece of art by Shakespeare –, the tragedy

There is a bountiful amount of matters- moral, philosophical, and social
ones, set in the plot of the book. The tragedy of the humanist and the fate of one honest person in the era of Renaissance, his tragic dilemma about his love and duty, about the crime, the punishment and the retribution, will never stop provoking the readers of ‘,Hamlet’,.
What actually is situated in the core of Hamlet’,s tragedy?!? Is it just his confused mind because of his father’,s murder, or because he has not got enough strength to revenge for the terrible crime?!? The reasons for Hamlet’,s tragedy are more complicated and considerable than the disturbed mental balance and weakness, which turns out to be obvious. His rambling and suffering are deeply seated in a person, whose ideas of morality and humanity, good and evil are torn down suddenly and irrevocably. That is the tragedy of the humanist Hamlet, caused by the conflict between his ideals, regarding mankind and their wild passion for power and wealth at any price.
Brought up with the spirit of humanism, Hamlet suffers a deep spiritual stress because he has to cope with evil in all of its dimensions for a short period: a murder, fratricide, adultery, incest, treachery and complicity of the crime. Shockingly for him, the people who have done the evil deeds are those who he loves- his uncle, his own mother, his love, some of his friends who he has known since his childhood. This confrontation with the evil that follows and attacks him takes the joy away from Hamlet and distorts his ideal of humanity. Hamlet seeks the relation between him and the common taint and violence which surround reality from the beginning itself. According to him the murder has been done because of these factors of disgust and hatered. His disappointment leads him to the insight that Denmark is a beautiful prison. Moreover, the tragedy of a humanist, forced to live in an inhumane society changes his idea of the world, which now different and in his view is a desert garden, ruled by the weed that is among people.

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Hamlet himself is a pattern for a spiritual purity, noble thoughts and highly developed sense for duty and honor. This is what he is at the beginning and at the end of the tragedy. He does not change even when he meets his own death. The comparison of honor and dishonor, morality and immorality are present at every time he communicates with the rotten society of Elsinore, the king-murderer and the courtiers-collaborators.
The fight with evil is a moral duty of a pure man, but it makes them stand up against the drama of the insoluble matters and dilemmas. It is impossible for Hamlet to win this fight. He is not an ordinary prince but a highly educated person, a philosopher and humanist who does not find a solution in killing as vengeance. He truly accepts his mission of a just avenger, but he understands very well that evil is not hidden only in his uncle. The whole world has succumbed to depravity and if Hamlet kills his uncle, he would accomplish just a bit of the mission. Therefore, he thinks a lot about the moves he would take to punish the murderer with the right punishment. Hamlet’,s tragedy is in that he cannot realize he is too weak to cope with the power of the global evil. It takes him so long to revenge for his father’,s death, because he is a typical Renaissance person and doubts the words of the ghost. Hamlet’,s fears, doubt, love and disappointment speak for him. His love to Ophelia is true and passionate but in the dark shadow of the terrible events, it ends tragically. He sacrifices his love, because he is afraid his enemies would use her as a weapon against him. After all these spiritual earthquakes Hamlet thinks about suicide. But he never commits it because it would not be fittingly and morally correct to run away from his duty and let the evil breath.
The tragedy ‘,Hamlet’, is the measure for humane values that are not compatible with vice. The personal suffering of Hamlet teases the philosopher point of view for the meaning of life. He sets the ultimate matter ‘,To be, or not to be”, as his main aspect as a philosophical search of himself.
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