The Moral Level Of The Syrian Refugees Essay

The Moral Level Of The Syrian Refugees Essay

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In order to truly understand the many facets of this issue on a moral level, we must move on from the hard truth of utilitarianism into theories that are more considerate of the emotional and human sides of this conflict. From here, the issue must be examined through care ethics, which has strong feminine roots. One glaring factor that this method would find abhorrent to ignore is that the majority of Syrian refugees seeking to resettle in the United States are children under the age of eighteen and women, rather than the adult males that rouse the most suspicion from the opposition. (Facts about the Syrian Refugees) Care ethics pays special attention to women and children, as well as the individual struggles that the disenfranchised face. If a woman were to be caught stealing apples from a grocery store to feed her children, a follower of the care ethics system would judge her more kindly, as her amoral action was not meant to cause anyone any pain, but to appeal to her love and responsibility as a mother and a decent human being in order to feed her children. Likewise, should a Syrian family seek a new, safe life in the United States, even if it should need to receive state or federal assistance, a follow of the care ethics system would bear no grudge against it. Care ethics would see that the greatest risk is not in the potential for a rotten person or two, as the odds are low, but economical. However, it would be preferable to let refugees in anyways, as it is the right thing to do for our fellow human beings; costs can be managed and reworked, and a wonderful solution for all found, but the lives that are snuffed out by violence will never receive the opportunity to see it happen. Syrian refugees largely do not want to leave ...

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...y, they should be handled through programs that help the refugees adapt to their new home, find jobs, and educate the children. Ubuntu hold that each refugee is a valuable human being and places faith in their goodness of their souls; it a duty to show respect to these strangers by welcoming them in their time of need. The risks are handled by expecting them to contribute to and respect the community, through jobs and relationships. Refugees are worthy of this chance, and the community is worthy of any good souls that can benefit it and therefore all who are a part of it. While the issue is complicated, is it forces a choice between an obligation to our innocent fellow human beings and personal needs and security, but these three ethical systems are able to thoroughly interpret each factor in their own way, and support their own resolutions from their interpretation.

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