Essay on The Moral Dilemma Of Abortion

Essay on The Moral Dilemma Of Abortion

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“Abortion is defined as the expulsion of the human fetus prematurely (that is, before it is capable of surviving outside the womb” (Ryrie 1974). In today’s society, abortion is a highly diverse and debated topic in politics and religion. This paper will show how Christianity interprets and handles the moral dilemma of abortion in today’s society versus how it was handled in the past and how it may evolve in the future.
Abortions have been around since ancient times, the first one dating back to the Egyptian era, around 1500 BC (Gorman 55). Previous techniques of abortion included chemical and mechanical means. Women often ingested poisons that would kill the fetus and expel it from the body. Abortions in the 21st century include removing the fetus limb by limb, cracking the skull while still in the womb, then vacuuming out the uterus to make sure no remains are left behind. Abortions were highly dangerous, yet were still sought out due to financial reasons and the pressures of society against premarital sex. Religions also have had an impact on why women seek out abortions. Women are often ashamed with the sin they have committed by having premarital sex and are so distraught by the thought of facing the church and family that they seek abortions to avoid the potential fallout of their confessions. These are some of the main reasons women are still having abortions today. Medical advances in the 1800s made abortion safer for women and more available, and because of this, regulations and laws have been put in place. The United States began in 1820s to put laws in place against abortion. By 1965, abortions were banned by all 50 states in America, with the exception in some states of rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother...

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...ows each individual before they enter the world, even if it is through a rape or incest situation, they will have a purpose. The women have options, the child could become a blessing to a family unable to conceive, or the mother could raise the child herself. This would allow the child to be born into the world and live out the plan God has for him or her.
As abortion continues to become a more prevalent topic in today’s society across the world. Religions, including Christianity may be facing an evolving future as far as what the beliefs are. Medical technology may advance in the future and make abortions more available and desired, but God has provided guidance through The Bible to help humans make the right morale decisions despite what the world’s influence may be. Future research may include how abortions will impact Christianity and generations to come.

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