Essay on Moral Development : The Way Someone Thinks, Feels, And Behaves

Essay on Moral Development : The Way Someone Thinks, Feels, And Behaves

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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines character as “the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves: someone’s personality.” Character education is arguably one of the most important forms of guidance we can offer students today. Moral development focuses on increasing universal, ethical traits that are crucial to students’ success in life post graduation. Students’ need to think for themselves and to have compassion for others are just a few examples of what character education focuses on during instruction. Sadly, many schools do not provide students the chance to obtain such education. It is crucial for schools to provide students opportunities to build character through volunteering and service learning, after school activities, and morality teaching in the classroom.
Every community across the world has problems lying within its neighborhoods. Many of these ignored issues could be solved through volunteer projects (Borus 29). Having students volunteer in their own community gives students the opportunity to address issues close to them, and it makes them feel like they are doing more than just sitting in a classroom (Borus 26). However, volunteering does not have to stop in home towns. World disasters constantly call for waves of volunteers when traumas strike. The September 11 terrorist attacks and 2004 tsunami in East Asia caused volunteers and donations to increase dramatically, and the realization for the importance of said volunteers increased, as well (“Introduction” par. 1, 3). Helping the less fortunate creates empathy and compassion, which are important traits to have. The process of volunteering, addressing and researching community issues, taking movement to solve them, and reflecting on what occurre...

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...r school program in Maryland, called the Sports Academy, was created with a goal of helping children do better in school while also enjoying the activities provided (Beck par. 4, 9). Statistics have shown that schools with an after school program available for students have better report cards, fewer “sick” days, and reduced suspension rates (“After par. 6, 7 and Beck par. 22). A seventeen year study in Michigan followed 1,800 students. The results proved that those students involved in an after school activity had higher marks in the classroom, and a lesser amount of tardies (“After” par. 11). “Sick” days at Twenty-First Century Community Learning Center dropped from 568 to 135 (“After” par. 7). A 61 percent drop in suspension rates occurred once the program, RecExtra, was implemented in Roberto Clemente Middle School (Beck par. 22). These activities also give

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