The Moral Development Of Children Essay

The Moral Development Of Children Essay

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The moral development of children can depend on many factors. Parenting and upbringing of the child, their environment, social environment, gender, and race are all aspects that can contribute to how a child develops their moral standards and expectations. Many psychologist have tried for several years to develop a theory to how morality is developed. One in particular is Lawrence Kohlberg (1958), his moral development theory is based on the cognitive development of children and it is thought that moral development proceeds and changes as cognitive development occurs (Arnett, 2012). Kohlberg’s moral development theory consist of 3 different levels each containing 2 stages altogether making 6 stages of moral development, as Kohlberg conducted research and followed up on past subjects he eventually dropped stage 6 because not one of his participants had advanced past stage 5 (Colby et al, 1983, Kohlberg, 1986). Just as in cognitive development, factors such as parenting and care of the child tend to influence moral development as well. How a child is raised can be a controversial issue though because people have such different opinions on the subject. These differences are normally caused by the views on the different parenting styles. Among American families there tends to be 4 distinct parenting styles which cause these different views (Collins & Laursen, 2004; Maccoby & Martin, 1983; Steinberg, 2000). According to Toleman, it states, “Some behavioral scientists try to describe all behavior as goal directed; their theories try to simplify naïve theory to the point of describing all emotional reactions as anger, all guidance of behavior by ethical principles, and all sentimental factors in behavior as different varieties of goal d...

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...hild’s creativity and their ability to express themselves as they wish but this causes unintended consequences such as a child who is irresponsible, conforming, and immature. The last parenting style, and most likely the worse, would be the disengaged parent. Disengaged parenting requires a low level of demandingness along with a low level in responsiveness. Parents of this sort have goals to spend the least amount of emotion and time parenting that they possibly can. Thus, little is required and very few guidelines are set allowing the adolescent to have the freedom to do as they please. Effects of disengaged parents range from impulsive behavior, behavior problems, and partaking in drugs and having sex at early ages. Parenting and care of any child no matter the genetic makeup and temperament does a great number on the outcome and the way one will hold themselves.

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