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Moral Decay without God Essay

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"One nation under God" and" In God we trust" are very well known statements that have been around Since the Beginning of our country. America has always stood upon Gods' word and the Bible. "Pericles built a civilization upon culture and it failed. Caesar built a Civilization upon power and it failed. Our forefathers founded the United States upon faith in God, and our country will survive only as it honors God." (Graham) When the morals our country was founded on begin to be taken away or are not abided by anymore, that is when the peace our country has always had will begin to vanish. America's trend of removing God from the Public view has lead to the moral depravity in our Households, School systems, and Political Process. As long as America keeps pushing God to the side, the worst is yet to come.
It all started in the 1960's when Madalyn Murray O'Hair (A professed Atheist), sued Baltimore Public Schools For requiring students to read from the Bible and to recite the Lord's Prayer at school events. This was a very common activity across the nation, and a child would be excused from them if they had a note from their parents. O'Hair felt that it threatened their religious liberty and that it violated the First Amendment rights of her and her son as professed atheists. Her case reached the Supreme Court and the decision was finally made that there would no longer be Bible reading and prayer recitation in public schools. ("People & Ideas: Madalyn Murray O'Hair").

Ben Stein (An actor, writer, economist, and lawyer) is a Jew and has always been one. It does not offend him at all when someone calls a sparkling lit up tree a Christmas tree. That is what it is. Stein says, "It does not bother me at all w...

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