The Moral Code Of Morals Essay

The Moral Code Of Morals Essay

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Throughout history, a person 's values seem to be directly linked to their culture, and their religion. People differ in what they believe, and often have conflicting views when it comes to values. What can be of the upmost importance for a man, can have zero significance to the other. Morals however, are a little more complicated. Some people seem to believe that we are somehow born with morals by default, others believe that our morals come from holy books or sacred texts. The concept of morals is much simpler than that. It is a basic desire of not wanting harm to be inflicted on you, so you do not wish harm upon others. Whichever the case, it is no secret that morals are subjective, and are always changing amongst people. It is important to understand the different values of which people live by, because it influences the world 's workforce. From selecting a career, to accepting certain job roles, and even a company 's saftey standards. One 's moral code plays a role in how they will choose to contribute to the world.

Today, there are fourty two hundred beliefe systems in the world. Ranging from extremly culture-centric beliefs, to individualistic views about the universe around us. Knowing how many different ways people think, it should come as no surprise that people do not always agree on certain issues. This greatly affects a person 's goals and career choices. For example, a practicing Hindu will most likley not work at a chicken factory, because they are vegeterians. A Muslim probably would not get into the alcohol industry, because Muslims do not consume alcohol. However, these decisions are not always purely based on religion. Someone might avoid working for an oil company, because they believe that they are d...

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... work for a company that you hate, but they pay good salaries; or you can work for a company that you love, but they pay minimum wage. Either way, you are faced with a choice of your overal happiness at your job versus how much money you end up making. This is only one scenario out of many. Tradeoffs come in all sorts of variation, depending on the scenario.

In short, regardless of a person 's beliefs, those beliefs will influence their decision making when it comes to career choices. For some, it might have a significant impact, and for others it might have very little influence. Religion is one of many different factors that all come into play when a person must make a career choice. Furthermore, trade-offs will be a part of one 's decisions. Ultimatly, it is up to the person to decide what is the most important aspect of working for a particular company.

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