Essay on Moral Code And Moral Standards

Essay on Moral Code And Moral Standards

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As society as a whole we are most often times given a set of rules to follow. These rules or laws act as a pathway to help us choose between right and wrong. If someone were to choose the wrong path, there can be severe consequences. In the United States it is common to see jail time when we go against the set moral code. In other countries we may see forced labor or find people put to death for their actions. Each society sets it’s own rules and moral standards. But there is much more to being a moral person than following the laws of a society. As defined by Alan Wolfe, moral freedom means “individuals should determine for themselves what it means to lead a good and virtuous life” (Wolfe, 2001). This means that even though we are given a set of moral standards we must live by, we each set our own moral code by which we choose to live. Today we find ourselves battling several moral dilemmas. The problem with this is that when we all have the freedom to choose our own path, how do we define what is right and what is wrong.
Many of the issues that occur in today’s society are brand new. They involve new issues that we never had in the past. In the past we dealt with things such as civil rights for African Americans, today we struggle with rights for gay, lesbian and transgender people. While some people believe that choice of sexual orientation is moral based on their personal choices. Kenny Miller from Wolfe’s Moral Freedom is the perfect example of this. Although he doesn’t believe in his friend’s fascination with sadomasochism he believes that is makes sense for his friend (Wolfe, 2001). The women described in this book (Mary Masters and Julia Fenton) would find that these types of actions are immoral based on their religiou...

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...we think it will because it is still experimental (Hollowell, 2002). There are also alternatives to this research that others see as more fitting such as placenta, cord blood, bone marrow organ donors, and possibly fat cells (Hollowell, 2002).
There are many moral issues we face today. They are different for our society rather than others. These are things we must decide as a nation and as a society what to do about them. Do we make them into issues we see as inherently wrong, or do we let people make their own choices. Without the moral freedom that we all have we would be stuck in a community where we have no freedom at all. But can be a difficult society to live in if we don’t all live by the same moral and ethical code, but it is also what drives us to make better choices and make changes. Where would our nation be if we still allowed slavery or other atrocities?

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