Moods Can Be Contagious By Kathryn Schulz Essay

Moods Can Be Contagious By Kathryn Schulz Essay

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Moods Can Be Contagious
Kathryn Schulz, author of Being Wrong, writes, “Beliefs about the world can be at odds with the world itself; that my beliefs can be at odds with yours; that other people do not necessarily know everything I know; and, conversely, that I don’t necessarily know everything other people know.” What a simple, but striking statement to both children and adults alike. The act of believing is magnificent in itself. A person can put together a string of thoughts out of thin air and back it with their whole being regardless if it is factual or not. Regardless if there is scientific proof that can formally provide evidence. Our beliefs can be as ordinary or outrageous as we let it. All kinds of beliefs are “essential to how we make sense of ourselves and the world.”
I believe that moods are contagious. But even today thinking the phrase and then saying the words, ‘Moods can be contagious’ out loud, it radiates truth in my mind. Originally, this may come off as a way-out-there thought, however, anyone curious enough will research to try and back their thoughts with science. While people will believe in whatever comes their way, whether it is because of a sense of appreciation in the concept, relatable, or just the way it sounds; people will also believe in statements that are backed with scientific research and evidence.
The word equivalent to the belief that moods can be contagious would be emotional contagion. Emotional contagion is defined as “The tendency to automatically mimic and synchronize expressions, vocalizations, postures, and movements with those of another
person 's and, consequently, to converge emotionally” (Fischer). As human beings we tend to mimc other people’s emotional expressions. Adam Smith...

... middle of paper ...

...tress of another person in a group can easily invoke the same emotional state within us” (Stosny). As humans, we tend to avoid situations and people that make us uncomfortable and stay during situations that make us happy or attract our interest. Emotional contagion is a huge part in social interactions and in general, how you feel. Emotions are being mimicked and shared unconsciously in many different ways throughout the day. We are constantly being influenced by other people’s emotions and everything we see because our bodies react with an automatic response whether it is a slight change in our facial features or a change in our posture. All of our beliefs have no limitations on what we can do with them. Whether it is one belief that is important to one’s sense of identity or all of them, Schulz writes, “The set of beliefs each of us holds is infinite.”

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