Montezuma and The Tragic Night Essay examples

Montezuma and The Tragic Night Essay examples

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Montezuma, the famed Aztec emperor, inherited the Aztec kingdom from his father, Axayacatl, in 1502 A.D. No one knew it then, but Montezuma, also known as Moctezuma and “huey tlatoani” meaning “he who speaks for the people” or “Great Speaker,” (Benson, Sonia G. Montezuma II) would lead them through a golden age for the 17 years that preceded the end of the empire. One of the first things Montezuma did as emperor was start a bureaucracy. He created provinces, which are territories similar to states, that paid the capital city, which was at that time Tenochtitlan. Another thing that the Aztec provinces paid with was people. Montezuma believed in human sacrifice, a practice during which a human was killed as an offering to a god (or multiple gods, as the Aztecs were polytheistic). Once, Montezuma sacrificed 12,000 enemy soldiers in one ceremony! It was also rumored that Aztecs may have been cannibalistic. Aztec people hated Montezuma for the demand of humans to sacrifice, but the government managed to prevent a rebellion (, History Channel).
Despite the people’s dismay with Montezuma’s opinion of sacrifice, some important milestones were achieved during his reign. For example, they were one of the first civilizations to develop a written language. The one thing that could be considered one of the most important inventions ever, still used today, is the modern calendar. That’s right, the Aztecs of Montezuma’s time created that system of days, months, and even leap years that is of everyday use to us now. We have calendars in our homes, our school planners, and even on our phones. This is one of the longest lasting inventions of all time. Also, Aztecs were devoted to beauty, poetry, and music, which also are an influence ...

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...raphical extent and cultural height.
Then- Hernan Cortes and the Spanish came from Europe to conquer land.
Then- Montezuma and the Aztecs welcome the Spanish, but Montezuma is taken prisinor.
Last- Montezuma is killed, cause of death unknown.
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