Essay on Montana State University Billings Program

Essay on Montana State University Billings Program

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Montana State University Billings
(Billings, MT)

Montana State University Billings has one of the largest campus populations in the state with more than 4,900 students in attendance. The campus sits on 100 acres of land located in downtown Billings. The university’s online platform, MSUB Online, offers more than 200 classes online spanning 5 academic colleges. The campus has hosted several TEDx Talks with speakers including several local educators, leaders and musicians.

Montana State University Billings offers a variety of associate’s, baccalaureate, master’s and certificate programs via MSUB Online. Associate’s degrees include accounting and human resources. Bachelor’s degree options include public relations and mass communication. Master’s degree offerings include special education and mental health counseling. Certifications available include medical coding and billing, as well as long-term care.

Resources for online students include technical support, an online alcohol abuse prevention course, an online job board and an online library with librarians available via email or over the phone.

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities provides accreditation for Montana State University Billings.

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University of Montana
(Missoula, MT)

Rolling Stone hailed the University of Montana’s main campus as one of the most scenic university campuses in America, evidenced by the pictures of the scenic campus that the university proudly displays on its front page. The university was established in 1889, just a few years after Montana itself joined the Union. They have since produced 37 Udall Scholars, 28 Rhodes Scholars, 14 Goldwater Scholars and 11 Truman Scholars.

The University of Montana offers a variety of associa...

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... programs in total. Some of the university’s most popular majors include diesel technology, nursing, business and elementary education. About 80% of the student body receives financial aid in some form, with as much as $11 million worth of aid awarded each year.

Montana State University has a number of associate’s degrees available entirely online, with additional degree programs to be offered in the near future. These associate’s degree offerings include business, nursing, criminal justice and education. Be sure to keep checking back if your desired major is not yet available.

Resources available to online students include an online library with document delivery and several librarians available via text message or over the phone to assist students.

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities provides accreditation for Montana State University Northern.

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