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Monster : The Autobiography Of An L.a Essay example

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Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member
The year of 1993 was characterized by gang life along the United States streets. Initially, the lifestyle defined by the gang life was part of the foundation of the book: Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member by Shakur Sanyika. Based on the arguments presented in the book, different analysts have presented their perception on the contribution of the book towards the criminal justice concerns. The acts of sensationalist and violence are clearly represented in the chapter. Besides, the book gives a preventative and pedagogic stance of the anti-gang.
Summary of the Book
The book Monster: An Autobiography of and L.A. Gang, is a context narrating the lifestyle of Kody Scott while in the gang. As indicated in the book, Scott lived in the neighborhood that was full of gang, violence, and misery. His lifestyle was defined by her mother who taught him how to survive in a tough life during the 1960s and 1970s (Shakur, 1993). During then, life was hard with every person struggling for survival. Kody was born in Los Angeles, an environment characterized by the life of the gangsters. His life was not that smooth as he was forced to live the gangster lifestyle. He had no choice but join the gang. The main reason as to why he joined the ghetto life is peer pressure. After joining the group, he decided that his allegiance will remain in ghetto life.
Kody was in gang life for 13-years. During this time, he used to lead the life of shootouts in streets, car-jacks, houses, robbery, and drive-buys among others. He used to engage in activities that were not aligned by the constitution of the region. However, after some time, he came into senses that gang life was not the best...

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... with power based on the perception of the participants. Power has a major contribution toward crime. As seen in the book, Kody joined the group because it offered him with an opportunity to gain power. Besides, Kody admits that after joining the group, his sense of innocence diminished. He started doing things that were beyond imagination. Within a short time, his reputation had spread the region changing his name to Monster. Another concept discussed in class is racism. Racism is among the many things contributing to crime in the U.S. The affected are the black people in the event of countering racism oppression. As highlighted in the book, the concept of jihad explained the struggle till death. The phrase was what Shakur used in countering racism oppression.
Shakur, S. (1993). Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member. New York, NY: Grove Press.

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